My experience at Chiropractic First has been exceptional! Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Brown are both very professional with a desire to help me reach optimal health. The office presents a relaxing atmosphere and I am always greeted by Amanda’s smiling face. I would recommend them to anyone needing chiropractic care!

For 6 months I was unable to lift my arms above my head which caused me to live with an immense amount of pain 24/7. Saw multiple doctors who did not help me at all and tried to tell me that it wasn’t as bad as I was making it out to be. I felt hopeless until the day Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Brown showed up to my job site to give free exams to the employees. They reassured me that there was an issue and that they were going to do all they could to help me get back to my normal life. After just a few alignments I noticed a tremendous difference in my shoulders and now, a little over a month later, I rarely experience any pain and I’m back to about 90% mobility. They have helped me so much. For anyone trying to find good Chiropractors who actually care about their clients, these are definitely the guys to see.

I am amazed at the improvement that I have had. I have not had a full night’s sleep in 5 years, in spite of going to other doctors in other states. Because of my heart condition, I cannot take pain killers, which is good because I got the root cause of the problem fixed, and not just covered up. My wife even notices that I have more energy and am happier without the pain.

I was happy with how quickly I got a 1st appointment. Surprised at the thoroughness. Pleased that I got an adjustment and stunned at the intensity/thoroughness of the 1st adjustment. All in a good way. Feeling better about getting my life back.

I have been a patient for 3 months. I was barely able to be up and off the sofa when I entered the building. I had been in traditional medical care for 7 months prior to that with no relief and driving medical costs. I now am up all day, working in my garden some, playing bridge a couple times a week, and keeping up with my home and social friends.

The doctors and staff at Chiropractic First are really about helping in your WELL-BEING. With alignment often comes relief, but on top of that you get genuine care, it often has a sense of family attached to it there at the AWC. Just the other day I saw a gal in there that used to be a receptionist, and it was like seeing an old friend. Check it out, and COME BE WELL!


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